Guitar Center Drum Off Club Nokia. 1/14/2012

2012 Concerts

This event reminded me of an actual shopping experience at Guitar Center.      I got there before the show started and waited and waited.    I got a pit wristband and then went and sat in the balcony.  My strategy was to rest up there for a while and then finish the show strong up front when the rest of the people in the pit were burned out.

I wasn’t impressed with Ilan Rubin’s performance to start the show.   He played drums to an awful sounding drum pattern and then switched to the guitar and sang.  It made me wish I had shown up an hour later to the event.   He did get a good ovation at the end, so maybe I’m in the minority here.

Aaron Spears played next.   He was great, but he mostly played to a bunch of  hip hop and dub step backing tracks. Then an insanely talented…

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